Marketing Advice For Launching An ICO

If you have dreams that involve launching an ICO, you may or may not have thought about marketing. Either way, it is essential to success to think about, and make some plans for, both marketing and budgeting before the ICO starts. Both increase your chances for success and can help you avoid problems down the road.

The first thing to understand is that there are likely hundreds of ICOs going at any given time. Marketing them is crucial to get the word out, but you need something to market that the community will get behind. You need the community in order to be successful; there is no way around it. This includes getting supporters, but also making sure that you have the right knowledge on both your development team and your marketing and finance teams. Also, be ready to get some strategic partnerships and alliances formed. They are important too.

One of the best ways to get the community backing the project is to bring value to the community. Get people excited about investing in something sustainable that benefits the blockchain community as a whole. In short, make it available to the masses and beneficial to the community at the same time, you can do both. Also, people that are investing and spending less money on average care about your arrangements. They likely plan on selling their tokens when the ICO ends. Balancing between these smaller investors and the larger investors that care about the future and long-term of the project is essential. Make sure both are covered by providing a working product or groundbreaking idea. Many people recommend starting with private sales, however, and focusing on larger investors that will close your hard cap pre-ICO. This can make it easier to get the smaller investors involved at a later point.

Because marketing for an ICO is quite a bit different from any other type of marketing, there are things to consider that are unique. One of which is making sure that you have an expert in blockchain technology on your team. The outside perspective is important, and not only should the expert on your team be spoken with regularly, but also the potential investors and alliances. Working together is vital, and sometimes the people closest to the project can use help seeing the big picture, or critical details, in different ways.

Combining these things with passion, drive, a fantastic business plan, and a team that is balanced and qualified will help you move in the right direction and bring you closer to having a successful ICO. Get the attention of the community by providing something that provides benefits, and you will be much more likely to get noticed.